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CEO, DAN Performance Group

So I felt like a rockstar in my schooling years. Everything changed when I came back to Mumbai. I stopped playing for quite a while because once you reach adulthood, you have this eternal job called ‘getting settled.’ It was only about seven years ago that I decided that I would get back to table tennis, and so I started my own academy with the vision that I would enable India to win at least one Olympic medal in table tennis.

Today, I also participate in various tournaments and I find that very rewarding.

I am not too particular about my diet, but there are certain things that I follow. I have reduced processed sugar and dairy products in my diet to a great extent. I avoid deep fried food as well. Whenever I have a choice between carbohydrates or proteins, I try to eat more proteins. Every 2-3 hours, I try to have something like a handful of nuts, fruit or buttermilk.

When I am travelling, I eat a lot of salads, grilled chicken and fish. However, I am a foodie at heart and food gives me joy. Single malts give me joy. I enjoy an exceptional dessert every now and then. Baskin-Robbins’ Bavarian Chocolate ice-cream is my favourite! So I am very clear that if I am going to eat something calorie-rich, it has to be exceptionally good. I guess that’s why they say that people who enjoy life rarely have a flat stomach!

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