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Since the Homo Sapiens first walked the planet well over 300,000 years ago, their appearance and the way they move, rest, sleep, think, eat, gather and communicate have all changed dramatically. We are arriving at a moment in our history that is about to be named for the tremendous impact our activities as a species have had on our environment, the Anthropocene. And the Anthropocene era is a very stressful time for human beings.

Our fast-paced modern lives are full of anxiety, pressure, and tension. We have more options and diversity than ever before, but the number of tasks we perform daily is also increasing. People are always multitasking; at work, at home, during commutes, etc. We are also always working with technology constantly and there are multiple distractions at every second. We end up feeling stressed and anxious due to such a lifestyle.

In my own experience, yoga and meditation have proven to be powerful tools to restore balance to the body, mind, and emotions. It allows you to function better and reach the peak of your productivity, as well as balance your work and personal life. There are studies that have found that practicing yoga every day improves our IQ and memory. It gives me that much needed state of balance and joy and it keeps me sane in the insane world of today.

I have been practicing meditation and yoga for nearly four years now. I previously did CrossFit and weight lifting for eight years and that was fantastic for the body, but unfortunately, it didn’t bring balance into my mind and wellbeing. Meanwhile, the regular practice of meditation and yoga help me feel really balanced, especially in the position where I have to lead. It allows me to be able to see things a lot quicker, and have a clearer mind. It empowers me to set a much clearer vision, align people better and work with them better.

Most people think it is difficult to practice yoga and meditation, while living in a modern world. That is not necessarily true. On the contrary, I have personally found that yoga allows you to lead a productive life in the modern world. We should consider yoga and meditation, not as sectarian practice (which goes beyond just being ‘the trend’), but as a survival practice to balance out our lives. This ancient tool leads one to wellbeing and joyfulness in life and I have benefitted immensely from it. People of any religion, caste or creed can practice it.

In the West, the practices of yoga and meditation have got a very fancy name, ‘mindfulness’. Many famous, successful people are following it, but this way of life is part of our culture and we have had this practice in India since time immemorial. The proven benefits of such ancient practices are the reason why one should really immerse themselves into them.

Working literally 24/7, managing family life and leading more than 90 people is not an easy job, and it takes a lot out of you. If you are clear-headed and joyful yourself, your people automatically sense the vibe and become more joyful and it’s better for the bottom line and profitability. Joyful people will always deliver more joyful services to their customers.

As individuals, we have so many hopes and dreams to fulfill in this one life and we have to keep moving forward and onward, even when life seems very stressful. Martin Luther King Junior once said, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Making yoga a part of your life will reverse this modern life exhaustion and will clear your mind to help you crawl, then walk, then run and eventually fly towards your dream.

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